Life is hard for an amish octopus in a world where there's more and more technology. Don't let the heathen items reach you!

Use the arrow keys to move, and X to shoot ink at the blasphemous technology.
The ink trail you leave behind also kills enemies, but dries up pretty fast, so don't rely too much on it!

Extra lives will periodically spawn, so make sure to stock up.
Collect holly crosses then press Z to smite all enemies on the screen.
Be warned, however, you may only carry one cross at a time! Redd up!

Made as part of the first semester Rapid Prototyping course.

For this assignment we were required to make a game using the PICO-8 engine. As a first encounter with code programming I opted for a survival shooter. Started with the core mechanics (movement, shooting) then adding enemies, lives, powerups, menus & UI, finishing with the polish on the overall look and feel.

Game Design & Programming: Robert Bazoiu

Music: @gruber_music

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